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I Love Love Loved my Body Re-Design session with Jacque Walters today at her gorgeous retreat center in Jackson! I feel so much lighter....

I can see and feel immediate results in my posture alignment and the overall tension that was released through the simple exercises she taught me.

Jacque has a wealth of knowledge in this area and was able to explain the importance how our body alignment works and why it’s so important in a way that was fun and easy to understand.

First she did a thorough assessment of my history and took specific alignment measurements and then from that she created a customized exercise plan with simple exercises that just takes about 20 minutes a day to reprogram proper alignment in my spine,shoulders, knees, hips ect and sent me home with my plan printed out so that I could easily follow what she taught me.

I was blown away by how immediately I felt tension release, felt lighter and could visibility see changes in my overall posture. I would highly recommend her services. She can work in person or virtually through zoom.

I can’t wait to give an update after I’ve been using her program for awhile. Thanks Jacque, you are amazing

Jen Gilchrist

“After years of back and neck pain, Symmetry with Jacque Walters is the practice that finally made a difference. I have scoliosis and had been going to chiropractors for years but found no lasting relief for my pain.

After I started daily Symmetry exercises my chiropractic adjustments began to hold and after a few months my practitioners began to notice that my back was straighter. Much of my chronic back and neck pain is gone or diminished. When my alignment goes out and/or I am in pain, doing my Symmetry exercises at home brings relief and usually puts me back into alignment.

Jacque is a great positive support and knowledgeable in many areas of body work. Working with her has been the best thing I could do for my body.”

Roxi Berlin

Symmetry has changed my life! I reverently thank Jacque every day for all that she has taught me. Now I am able to lead a life with almost no pain from my scoliosis, a condition that has plagued me my entire life and caused debilitating pain since my adolescent years.

From the very first appointment I noticed massive improvements in my posture and pain. Now, a year later, I am able to feel immediately when I am out of alignment and with just a few minutes of exercises from the training I received from Jacque, I am able to realign myself, nipping any pain that arose in the bud.

This is an amazing program and Jacque has such an empathetic, optimistic way of sharing it. Thank you, Jacque, for giving me the tools to create a pain-free life!

D. C. Little

When I started Symmetry a few months ago, I had been having almost chronic lower back pain for years. There were times I could hardly walk. Riding in a vehicle was very uncomfortable. I have now been pain free for several weeks.
My posture is so much better. Thank you Jacque for making me feel years younger.

Jeanette Guardanapo

I never noticed my poor posture until I walked in front of a store front window and saw my reflection. I walked like a 90 year old man. Jacque taught me Symmetry exercises that straightened my posture and when I practice my lessons I feel much better when walking. IT REALLY WORKS!

John Branton

Symmetry works! I have had scoliosis since childhood. Several years ago I asked two physical therapists for exercises to correct it; both responded that it was impossible to correct scoliosis in adults. My chiropractor, seeing the improvement another of his patients in her 70’s achieved through Symmetry, recommended Jacque. With her help I am reversing the scoliosis I created by poor posture sixty-two years ago at the age of nine, as well as the hunched over back I developed more recently.

I have been in the Symmetry program for fifteen weeks and am noticing very positive changes. I walk with greater ease. I center and focus better, whether doing a mental activity such as reading or a physical one like vacuuming or gardening. Swimming is easier. The bunchy” feeling in my right hip that plagued me for many years has mostly disappeared. Back pain that often accompanied sneezing or pulling a chair up to the table has diminished both in frequency and in degree. For the first time the adjustments my chiropractor made did not hurt, and when I asked how he saw my spine he replied much improved”. I am also doing personal training with Jacque and have become stronger, strength that supports my progress in achieving a more symmetrical body. Yes, I still have scoliosis, and with time and more exercises I hope to improve even more, but I am extremely pleased with the progress I have made straightening a crooked spine.

I highly recommend Symmetry and I highly recommend Jacque. She is totally “with” her clients, makes adjustments to the exercises easily and has a good sense of when to push a client more and when to suggest an easier variation. Working with her is proving to be an excellent investment in my health and general well-being.

Meredith Herman

RIchard Testimonial Image

I have lost the cartilage in one of my knees and the joint is bone on bone.  Symmetry has vastly improved the strength and stability of that joint.

Jacque has extensive knowledge of the human body and she always welcomes my questions.  Her enthusiasm for full health is inspirational. 

Through my work, and play, with Jacque,  I am embracing a vision a fully active and mobile life.


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