How to Transform Your Life
with Magical Movement Progressions

Dates to be Announced ~ Jackson, CA

  • Learn how to Empower YOURSELF to take Charge of Your Health. 
  • Understand that, even if not it pain, poor posture negatively affects your health. 
  • Understand why you hurt if in pain.
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    Learn and experience easy exercises that will begin re-aligning your body to feel better instantly. 
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    You will receive a manual with everything you need to begin this process. 

These small intimate workshops will fill up

Seating Very Limited 

    Dates to be Determined

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Jacque Walters

About Jacque Walters

Jacque graduated from the University of Wisconsin with an independent major, “Bio-Psychological Development Specialist.” This degree (a wellness degree) included physiology, psychology, exercise science, rehabilitation and other areas in the health sciences.

She has been helping clients achieve a higher level of health and wellness for nearly 40 years. She is also certified as a personal trainer, group fitness leader, and medical exercise specialist through the following organizations; National Academy of Sports Medicine, American Council on Exercise, American College of Sports Medicine, Kenneth Cooper’s Aerobic Institute, and American Academy of Health, Fitness and Rehabilitation Professionals.


“When I started Symmetry a few months ago, I had been having almost chronic lower back pain for years. There were times I could hardly walk. Riding in a vehicle was very uncomfortable. I have now been pain free for several weeks.
My posture is so much better. Thank you Jacque for making me feel years younger.”

Jeanette Guardanapo

Symmetry has changed my life! I reverently thank Jacque every day for all that she has taught me. Now I am able to lead a life with almost no pain from my scoliosis, a condition that has plagued me my entire life and caused debilitating pain since my adolescent years.

From the very first appointment I noticed massive improvements in my posture and pain. Now, a year later, I am able to feel immediately when I am out of alignment and with just a few minutes of exercises from the training I received from Jacque, I am able to realign myself, nipping any pain that arose in the bud.

This is an amazing program and Jacque has such an empathetic, optimistic way of sharing it. Thank you, Jacque, for giving me the tools to create a pain-free life!”

D. C. Little

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