Body Re-Design 
by Jacque

My Body Re-Design Process is "neurophysical" and takes 4-6 months to become a habit in your body for optimal posture

In Person & Virtual Body Re-Design Packages

with Virtual Followups

I Love Love Loved my Body Re-Design session with Jacque Walters today at her gorgeous retreat center in Jackson!

I feel so much lighter....I can see and feel immediate results in my posture alignment and the overall tension that was released through the simple exercises she taught me.

Jacque has a wealth of knowledge in this area and was able to explain the importance how our body alignment works and why it’s so important in a way that was fun and easy to understand.

First she did a thorough assessment of my history and took specific alignment measurements and then from that she created a customized exercise plan with simple exercises that just takes about 20 minutes a day to reprogram proper alignment in my spine,shoulders, knees, hips etc and sent me home with my plan printed out so that I could easily follow what she taught me.

I was blown away by how immediately I felt tension release, felt lighter and could visibility see changes in my overall posture. I would highly recommend her services.
She can work in person or virtually through zoom.

I can’t wait to give an update after I’ve been using her program for awhile. Thanks Jacque, you are amazing

Jen Gilchrist

I am 56 years old and have been working with Jacque for over 5 years. I had a back injury a few years ago and she really helped me work around my injury and build up my weak muscles until I was pain free! 

When I knew we were moving to Texas from California, I was very disappointed not to be able to get her help with my weekly workouts. But then she suggested we try video chatting. I wholeheartedly agreed and have been successfully doing that for the last 14 months.

We use our computers, ipads and/or smart phones, whatever works, to see each other. Jacque can demonstrate an exercise for me so I understand what to do. Then, she is able to watch me work out and continually remind me of body position and help me stay safe so I don’t do something that would hurt me.

Because she is such a caring, conscientious, and knowledgeable trainer, she is always changing things up so I don’t get in a rut and continues to challenge me to work hard. It is amazing how these weekly 30-minute workouts help me stay in shape, keep my body toned and strengthened and burn unwanted calories.

I am so pleased and thankful for what she is able to do with me each and every week!! I’ll never forget one day when my husband looked at me and he said, “Wow, your body looks less flabby and more toned now than it has in years!” I realized then I owe it all to Jacque!!

Katy Treat

1. Measure:

Find the initial cause of the "Body's System Breakdown". Then begin stripping the bad habits from the body.

2. Re-Program

Eliminate the cause by providing the stimulus the body needs to restore strength and balance to specific misaligned areas.

3. Practice

Provide the body with sufficient, corrective stimulus to rebuild "good habits" including sufficient strength and balance in the muscular system to allow muscles to perform their intended role and function.

Initial Programming

Your Initial Programming Session is a One-on-One

90 Minute Assessment

(done locally in my office or virtually online)

Your Initial Programming also Includes:

  • One 30 minute follow up appointment to ensure proper movement execution
  • Customized written "Re-Design Program" unique to your body's structure
  • Picture education
  • Video demonstration availability
  • On-going personalized support and modifications for each program

Investment $225

Follow Up Programming Sessions

2 Body Structure Reassessments

Each 60 minute reassessment includes:

  • New customized written program at each session based on structural changes and strengthening needs
  • Video demonstration availability
  • Free modification and on-going support for each program

Investment $200

 Personal Training Session Packages

Option 1: 3- 60 minute sessions includes:

1- Written strengthening program with associated videos

Investment $300

Option 2: 6- 30 minute sessions includes:

1- Written strengthening program with associated videos

Investment $300

Full PRogram PriCE


Payment plans available

From the very first appointment I noticed massive improvements in my posture and pain. Now, a year later, I am able to feel immediately when I am out of alignment and with just a few minutes of exercises from the training I received from Jacque, I am able to realign myself, nipping any pain that arose in the bud.”.......DC Little

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