Body Re-Design Retreats

by Jacque

Imagine the possibilities...

  • Restored Vitality~ Feeling healthier than you have in years
  • Enhanced Immune System~ Strengthened for optimal health
  • Clear radiant skin~ Looking younger and more vibrant
  • Increased Mental Clarity~ With calm, clear focus

Experience this and so much more...

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Retreat Packages


Body Realignment

Your body realigned physically with a proven physics based system that structurally brings you toward optimal posture.

Functional Resistance

Learn & Experience Functional Resistance exercises that you can easily incorporate into your busy day.

woman exercising

Click to see Body Re-Design

Retreat Packages

Refresh and Revitalize Your LIFE...

in the beautiful Sierra Nevada Mountains, surrounded  by nature, peace and tranquility while allowing your body to detoxify gently

Body Redesign retreats

Experience a mind, body and spirit transformation with my Body Re-Design Retreats

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