Laughter Yoga for Pain Relief and Improved Health

Gelotology is the science of pleasure and has become a recognized discipline. Researchers such as immunologist Lee S. Berk of Loma Linda University have conducted numerous clinical studies that confirm the following physiological changes when we laugh:


  • Antibodies
  • Immune Cells
  • Killers Cell


  • Cortisol
  • Epinephrine
Improves Immunity

Improves Immunity

  • The pituitary gland releases its own opiates, which suppress pain.
  • The production of immune cells increases.
  • The level of the hormone cortisol, which is chronically high when an individual is under long-term stress and which suppresses the immune system, is reduced dramatically.
  • Levels of the hormone epinephrine, which plays a role in hypertension and heart failure, decrease.
  • Antibody levels in the blood and saliva rise.
  • The number of natural killer cells increases, which accelerates the body’s natural anti-carcinogenic response.
Promotes a Health Heart

Laughter is a simple answer to a healthy heart. Dr William Fry, Psychiatrist, of Stanford University determined from his work that 20 seconds of laughter (even faked) doubles the heart rate for 3-5 minutes. Laughter Yoga reduces blood pressure and improves circulation.

Elevates Attitude and Enriches Relationships

Laughter Yoga oxygenates the brain and body. This is a major factor in the upkeep of wellness. The exercises used are designed to facilitate longer exhalation and deep breathing through the diaphragm. This. like traditional Yoga, helps flush the lungs of stale residual air and thus increase oxygen to the brain and body.

I have blogged about Laughter Yoga before. I have summed up the results as this.

The Five H’S






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