The Healing Power of Flower Essences

Flower Essence Therapy

Years ago I used Bach Flower remedies to help myself, my children and even used them to calm my pets. It was amazing how transforming their effect was to help with emotional issues.

Recently I met a wonderful woman, Susan Thurber, and was reminded of their healing power to grow, change, let go and become a better person. She is an expert in the use of Essences which go beyond Bach Flowers. I am currently on a program she set up for me and decided to blog about how wonderful they are.

Flower Essences are liquid, potentized plant preparations which convey a distinct imprint of a specific flower.  They enjoy a reputation of being both highly effective and very safe to use.  They are not part of standard biochemical medicine for they contain only minute traces of physical substance.  The remedies help transform emotions, attitudes or patterns of behavior which hinder our full development or potential.

The Flower Essences work most beneficially as part of a holistic program of health enhancement, including exercise, nourishing diet, stress reduction, inner development and appropriate medical care.

Because the Flower Essences work at very fundamental levels, yet in such a non-invasive way, they can be used concurrently with other health therapies.  What is more, use of the essences can actually enhance other practices by addressing psycho-spiritual issues which may be underlying various health problems.  Physicians, nurses, chiropractors, acupuncturists, herbalists, massage practitioners, physical therapists, nutritionists, psychologists, social workers and other professionals find the Essences to be an invaluable adjunct to their practices.

Flower Essence therapy is not an exclusive answer to all humanity’s ills.  It does not substitute for our daily practices of meditation and prayer, physical exercise, healthful diet, social responsibility and moral development.  They are however, important catalysts toward a more health-filled, balanced lifestyle.  By stimulating greater awareness of our inner life, the essences build a much needed bridge between body and soul.

What to Expect from the Flower Essences

There is a full spectrum of responses to the flower remedies.  Some people report immediate, discernible and very dramatic results.  Others appear to notice no differences at all, and may only slightly perceive shifts in well being and in mental-emotional states after a very long period of time. Most people typically respond to the Essences somewhere in the middle of this range.

The Essences leave each individual free to respond according to inner rhythms and needs.  This is why the Flower Essences are so safe, yet at the same time extraordinarily effective.  Their action is not bio-chemical, but vibrational.  Rather than overwhelming or masking consciousness, essences work gently with the awareness of the individual.  They do not work by modifying our behavior from without, rather they evoke our freedom to make changes from within.

Flower Essences and Physical Disease

While Flower Essences are not cures for particular physical ailments, the emotional and attitudinal shifts engendered by the Flower Essences can facilitate remarkable changes in physical health.  Qualified medical practitioners report many cases in which Flower Essences play a key role in treatment programs for various diseases.  A growing body of research continues to demonstrate a clear interrelationship between physical illness and emotional-mental outlook.

Flower Essences can be quite beneficial in such circumstances, but there also needs to be a qualified medical practitioner who can monitor any serious medical condition, and provide treatment if necessary.  The same caution applies to extreme psychological dysfunction, which may need the intervention of a trained counselor, psychologist or psychiatrist.

There are legal considerations concerning the use of Flower Essences for physical conditions by those who are not licensed medical practitioners.   Flower Essence Practitioners cannot claim to cure any physical or psychological illness due to these laws, however, we do have many clients who are happy to share their stories and give their testimonials of improved health (both physical and emotional), lowered medication use and sometimes complete cures.

The Awareness Crises

One common experience reported by people using flower essences is an intensification of certain traits prior to experiencing a transformation.  For example, someone taking Willow essence for resentment may have an acute awareness of resentment, before being able to let go and forgive.  This seeming increase of an emotional trait has similarities to a “healing crisis” stimulated by such cleansing practices as fasting.

We call this phenomenon an awareness crisis, because it is caused by bringing unconscious emotions and attitudes to the surface of awareness.  Since they were previously hidden or disowned, these qualities seem more intense when brought to consciousness.  Such experiences provide us with a clear opportunity to witness and acknowledge negative or dysfunctional aspects of ourselves.

Support from counseling, self-reflection, journal-writing and other means of strengthening the “witnessing” aspect of consciousness can help create a smoother journey through the sometimes rough waters of this experience.

With awareness comes the ability to understand and to change.  It is difficult to let go of resentment and forgive if one is unaware or in denial of having any resentment.  If self-awareness has already been cultivated, there often is no need for an awareness crises; one is most likely to move directly into the transformative stage of the flower essence process.

I hope you enjoyed this information. Perhaps with a new year just around the corner, you may want to consider Flower Essence Therapy to make your new year the best you can. I am also available to help you with your intentions for your health. I like the word “intentions” rather that goals. I talk about this in one of my videos. My free book is all about “Intentions” for a healthier you that do not take a lot of time to do.

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Wishing you a Blessed and Pain Free Life!


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