Emotional Freedom Technique

This month I want to talk about a technique that I have included in my daily morning routine for years. There has been research done on how this powerful technique is used to help with many emotional and physical issues.

What is EFT?

Emotional Freedom Technique

…is a simple “Tapping” Technique applied to the Meridians or Acupressure Points of the Upper Body.

Developed by Gary Craig…who offers a Free Manual on his site you are invited to browse…

EFT web site


When EFT is applied, it can greatly reduce or eliminate the…

“Emotional Charge”

that is associated with a memory or experience that can negatively influence Your Life.

It can also be used to lessen or eliminate pain by reducing the intensity of the anxiety.

Where Does Anxiety Live?

In the Solar Plexus…commonly known as “The Tummy or Upper Abdomen”…

Most of us have learned to walk around with a tremendous amount of stress. It comes in by way of our senses…eyes, ears, smell and touch. If it is perceived to be a threat to our safety…then an alarm goes off in our nervous system to protect us. If we choose to store this threat, it then becomes anxiety. We then remain unknowingly in a state of defense all the time.

Left unattended and if allowed to compound…can influence our physical and emotional health. 

Below is an example of how EFT can be used to to help ease some of the daily tension you might be experiencing. The picture shows where these points are located.

“Raising my Vibration”


Karate Chop (tapping side of the hand, little finger side)

Even though my vibration is not as high as I would like, I love and accept myself anyway

Even though my vibrations could have more trust, ease, peace and joy, I accept who I am and how I feel.

Even though I tend to get lost in worry and fear, I totally love and accept myself

EB      I can feel my vibration is lower than I want.

SE       I acknowledge my vibrations of ……………..

UE      I want to change and raise my vibrations

UN      I now choose to let go of negative vibrations

C         I now choose to reawaken the positive vibrations of ease, joy and peace

CB      I now trust that I am divinely guided

UA      I choose the vibration of gratitude

TH      I choose the vibration of appreciation

EB      I now allow gratitude and appreciation to flow through me

SE       I now trust that all is unfolding perfectly for me

UE      I appreciate where I am and where I am going

UN      I appreciate all the love and abundance in my life

C         I let go of all worries and fears as my angels guide me

CB      Thank you Universe for providing me with so much success

UA      Thank you for all my blessings

TH      I love all the blessings in my life

This is such an easy exercise to do and can be done in the privacy of your home. Better yet, it not only works, but is free! I hope you give it a try. It has even been shown to help relieve pain. This along with a corrective exercise program is a win/win for sure!

Wishing you a blessed and pain free life!


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