Metabolic Typing Diet


I decided that this month I would talk about the Metabolic Typing Diet. There are so many types of diet books on the market. The Mediterranean, Paleo, and South Beach diets have all been talked about extensively.  It can be so confusing to determine what is best for you. The latest is the Ketogenic “burn fat for fuel” diet that I think is very interesting since I seem to have been eating this way for some time now. But what I discovered when I read about the Metabolic Typing Diet is that I am also a Protein type. 

The questionnaire in the book is quite in-depth. I had to take a very close look at what and how I was eating and the responses to the food I chose. I do believe it was worth the time it took because I have been able to stay at my ideal weight for many years by finding out about my body’s needs. 

The Metabolic Typing Diet

by William Wolcott and Trish Fahey


  • The Book: The Metabolic Typing Diet, published by Doubleday, January, 2000, the definitive introduction to metabolic typing by William L. Wolcott, Founder of Healthexcel and the world’s leading authority. Contains a self-test questionnaire that identifies the 3 basic, broad metabolic type categories: Protein Type, Carbohydrate Type and Mixed Type. Available to the general public.
  • The Metabolic Typing Diet is the authoritative, definitive book on metabolic typing.


  • 65 simple-to-answer questions
  • Self-scoring
  • Determines basic metabolic type – Protein Type, Carbohydrate Type or Mixed Type


  • Identifies and explains your basic metabolic type.
  • Recommends the appropriate eating plan for your basic metabolic type
  • Minimal daily supplements are available for each type, involving the appropriate metabolic type vitamin/mineral formulation, enzymes, and essential fatty acids.

Each of these general metabolic type categories corresponds to a specific diet. But keep in mind that your general category is simply a starting point.

Once you’ve identified your metabolic type and the basic diet that’s right for you, you can then use a variety of simple techniques and self-tests that will enable you to fine-tune or customize your diet to your own highly individualized needs.

After all, there’s a tremendous amount of biological and biochemical diversity among people, so there are far more than three metabolic types. You may be in the same general category as someone else, yet your dietary needs could be distinctly different.

Here’s an example:

You and a friend might both be Protein Types, which means you don’t function well on vegetarian-oriented diets or on meals and snacks centered mainly around carbohydrates.

But even though you both need to emphasize protein and restrict carbohydrates to a certain extent, your friend might require heavier proteins on a more consistent basis throughout the day, and be significantly less able to tolerate carbohydrates (sugars and starches) than you.

In addition, your metabolic type is not something that’s carved in stone. Although you were born with a specific set of dietary requirements dictated by your genetic heritage (your “genetic type”), your needs can shift for any number of reasons, including illness, stress, aging, sports activities, or nutrient deficiencies or excesses.

Your “functional type” refers to the way your metabolism is functioning today, or what your dietary needs are at the moment. But a month or six months or a year down the road, your needs could potentially shift, maybe back toward your actual genetic type.

Where metabolism is concerned, everything is highly individualized and everything is constantly in flux. That’s why testing your metabolic type and fine-tuning your diet are techniques you’ll want to employ on an ongoing, intermittent basis.

Benefits of Metabolic Typing Diet

  • Normalized and maintain your IDEAL WEIGHT … permanently!
  • Prevent disease and fight common illnesses
  • Balance your blood pH
  • Normalize your blood sugar levels
  • Feel Satisfied After Your Meal and NOT NEED a DESSERT
  • Look and feel younger and AVOID PREMATURE AGEING
  • Maximized your daily ENERGY LEVELS and Increase your FOCUS
  • Live longer and Live healthier
  • Eliminate expensive drugs and supplements
  • Learn exactly what foods you can eat and NOT eat.

I hope you enjoyed this blog and consider taking the time to find out what the best needs are for your body.

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May your life be blessed and pain free!


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