30 Intentions in 30 Days NEW FREE eBOOK

Hi Everyone,

I am so excited about my new eBook, “30 Intentions in 30 Days”. In my book I  humbly admit that I am probably the laziest fitness professional in the world. Yet somehow I have managed to stay fit and healthy doing the least amount of exercise in the least amount of time for the great results. Now, I am not completely lazy because I do want to look and feel good while maintaining my ideal body weight. I have just found a way to do this without spending hours in the gym. Now that I am a senior citizen, it is even more important that I keep doing what I have been doing so I can continue to be as young as possible for as long as possible.

Just as I suggest in my book,  I get up every couple of minutes to move and exercise as I write this Blog. My goal today is to do 3 functional back and leg exercises (6 sets total) that challenge all the muscles in my body. Then 2 chest exercises with focus on balance and abdominal challenge. (SO FAR THE 3 BACK EXERCISES HAVE BEEN COMPLETED).

For me this book is just the beginning of all the tips and strategies I want to share with individuals and groups for many years to come. I especially like to work with people over 50 to give them hope and inspiration to be the best they can without hours and hours of exercise. My first prioity is assisting those in pain to help reduce and even eliminate it. I talk about my accident in my very first video on YouTube  and the debilitating pain I experienced. I actually stared at my phone for over an hour trying to get the courage to put myself out there. Now many videos later (and longer hair) I still have to get over myself so I can get my Quick Fit Tips out to the public.  I am on a mission to teach want I learned to become pain free and then teach others to become pain free. (I HAVE NOW JUST COMPLETED 3 SETS OF LEGS). I also want to share the strategies I use to keep moving throughout the day especially when it involves time at the computer.

I am also excited to share MY NEW WORKSHOP…..I call it Pain Free Empowered Life.  I want to reach out to more individuals to let them know that they DO HAVE THE POWER once they have the tools to reduce and eliminate pain to become healthier and stronger.

Pain Free Empowered Life

¨ Learn how YOU can empower YOURSELF to take charge of YOUR health and reduce pain

¨ Understand why you hurt

¨ Engage in fun creative activities that will teach you tools to support your pain-free journey

¨ Know exactly what exercises YOU need to begin healing with your own personal handout (pictures and descriptions included)


I sincerely hope you download my eBook. I wrote it for you in mind! I also give other health tips that take less than a minute to add to your daily routine.

(I DECIDED TO ADD 2 SETS OF “SKULL BASHERS” (TRICEPS EXTENSIONS) WHILE STRETCHING MY HAMSTRINGS  ONE LEG AT A TIME). Aren’t you curious how I did that? Give me a call and I will explain my workout during the past hour while I wrote this blog without leaving my home. No obligation, just information.

Wishing you a blessed, healthy and pain free life,


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