Saunas are Great for Health and Pain Reduction



My topic this month is about the benefits of Far Infrared Saunas.  I absolutely love my sauna and wanted to share the many benefits. The maker of my sauna TheraSauna says the following:

Far Infrared Heat Waves:

  • Dilate blood vessels and capillaries, providing increased flow of rich oxygenated blood to muscles and joints.
  • Reduce muscle spasms and promote healing of injured and sore muscle fibers.
  • Improves flow within the lymphatic system to reduce swelling and inflammation.
  • Stimulates cellular and enzyme activity.
  • Promotes the adhesion and osmosis of water molecules across the cellular membrane

Reducing pain is a huge benefit of sauna use. My free 4 Easy Movements that only takes minutes would be a great combination with a sauna.

The research in this link includes findings about how Saunas lower blood pressure and reduce the risk for dementia (American Journal of Hypertension, Nov. 1, 2017Age and Ageing, March 1, 2017). How wonderful!

Sauna’s are great but look at this article about the benefits of both sauna practice and exercise.  Researchers have found that fitness due to aerobic exercise combined with frequent sauna bathing offers better health benefits than either alone (Annals of Medicine, March, 2018). 

Click here to follow me on YouTube to learn “quick fit tips.”  Here is an example of my version of the Nitric Oxide Dump that you could do for your “cardio exercise plus sauna” practice. It only takes about 3-4 minutes and the health benefits are remarkable.


I also came across an article written by I thought it was fascinating that in Finland sauna bathing is a normal part of everyday life.

Here is more research about how spending 15 minutes a day in a Finnish-type sauna has been shown to reduce the risk of strokes (Neurology, online, May 2, 2018).

Several studies have looked at using infrared saunas in the treatment of chronic health problems. Here is a list of some of these according to Mayo Clinic:

  • High blood pressure
  • Congestive heart failure
  • Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease
  • Headache
  • Type 2 diabetes
  • Rheumatoid arthritis

Dr. Axe wrote a great article on Saunas  and he adds to the list above:

  • chronic fatigue
  • poor digestion
  • depression and anger
  • chronic muscle and joint pains

I am thrilled that I purchased a far-infrared sauna several years ago. It is a part of my weekly health practices. I usually spend about 40 minutes in my sauna 3 times a week. I find it is a great time to relax and get caught up on my reading and research. I also do ionic foot baths, but more about that in another blog. Please feel free to give me a call for a free mini-consult so I can assist you with your health goals. No obligation, just information.

May you be blessed and pain free,



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