A Treat for Your Feet

It’s Happy Feet Month!

I am going to talk about the feet again. My November blog was all about the feet and the importance of their healthy stabilized structural architecture. I talked about a common problem which is over pronation¬†or “flat feet.” My video in that blog was about exercises to correct it.

This time I am including a video that is a very special way to help the overall health of the feet. I interview a fellow fitness professional that has been trained and teaches a class call the ‘Willpower Method.” It is a barefoot cardio endurance strengthening class. At the beginning of each class she teaches how to prepare the feet which she demonstrates in my video. All the participants follow her lead preparing their own feet before they take part in this fun and invigorating class. The actual first step process only takes 1-2 minutes on each foot. Since meeting Natalie and having her teach me this, I do it daily as part of my morning routine. It feels great and has many health benefits.

You can see in the chart the many areas and organs of the body that are helped by foot massage and reflexology. Reflexology has long been known for the many health benefits. Natalie mentions some of these in the video. Thank you, Natalie for allowing me to interview you and spread this important information. Also, thank you Omfeet.com for allowing this chart to be used in my blog.

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Here’s to Happy Feet!

Wishing you a blessed and pain free life,


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