Corrective Exercises for Over Pronation

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My blog this month is about the feet or rather foot problems. Many of my clients have a condition known as pronation or eversion of the foot (one or both feet can be the problem).  The flip side of this is supination or inversion of the foot. Our feet are meant to pronate when we walk or run. The condition I am addressing is over pronation or under pronation (supination). Our feet are the only contact we have with the ground when we are standing or moving forward. There are actually 3 arches in the feet but today I am addressing the medial arch. Below is a video I made to show you some corrective exercises you can do to correct over pronation.


I think when we talk about the aches and pains in the human body, foot problems and especially over pronation or the collapse of the medial longitudinal arch can be the source. This is also called “flat feet.” This problem is not normal and needs to be addressed.  I work closely with my chiropractic doctor, Armen Kendig, D.C. and refer clients to him for adjusting their feet along with other adjustments they may need with the Activator Method that he uses.

Traditional treatment involves foot support from arched footwear, orthotics, or some other bracing system. I believe as other footwear minimalists that this is usually more disadvantageous than beneficial, supporting the dysfunction rather than correcting it. That is why I always address the feet when doing corrective exercises.  When there are foot abnormalities, problems can move up the ankles, calves, knees, hips and actually be the source of low, middle and upper back pain.

There are different points of view as to why this occurs. If you take a look at the natural development of our human bodies you will find that flat feet were normal when we were toddlers.  Between the ages of 3 to 6 our feet began to strengthen (muscles and tendons) as the medial longitudinal arch develops. If children are put in poor footwear this natural process can slow or even prevent this arch from forming. I am of the belief that optimum foot development occurs barefoot. However, when foot protection is needed for outdoor activities there are sources for good minimalist footwear.

According to Dr. Stephen Gangemi  (  “ A child who moves with modern-day shoes or braces (orthotics) will always alter their gait abnormally. It is very awkward for them and their proprioception (body position) and kinesthetic sense (nervous system response to “feeling” the ground) are hindered. Ligament laxity and tibialis posterior muscle weakness can and does often occur resulting in FFF.” (flexible flat feet)

He goes on to say: “A natural gait then develops in a child once he/she begins to walk, and then run. If the child is left to move barefoot or in moccasin-type unsupported footwear their gait will not be disrupted by external means. When they walk they will quietly land and roll off their foot and when they run they will naturally land mid or forefoot, efficiently dispersing shock and generating power, strength, and balance.”

So what do we do as adults with this issue? We correct it. of course! AND it can be corrected.

For a postural realignment program begin by downloading my 4 Easy Movements. Then set up an appointment for a free min-consult to find out more about Symmetry and reducing or getting out of pain.

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