Involvement of Intrinsic and Dynamic Muscles with Symmetry and Laughter for a Pain Free Body.



Happy Hellos!

I just want to express how happy I am. I am happy that you are reading this and that you are interested in becoming pain free! Have you downloaded my 4 free easy pain relief movements? If not, what are you waiting for?

So why am I talking about Symmetry (Postural Alignment Therapy) and Laughter? What a great question! Because both involve muscle movements (exercise) and both can help ease your pain. And let’s be honest. When the body is in pain we feel it emotionally.  When we are in emotional pain we feel it in our bodies.

See my video below with some quick ideas about making intentions not resolutions. Becoming over-whelmed is not a good thing. That is where laughter can be brought in.


Corrective exercises reprogram the brain and body to go back to a symmetrical body to reduce or eliminate pain. Laughter Yoga, which I blogged about previously has many health benefits. Click here to read about them. Both Symmetry and Laughter Yoga can make you feel great.  A balanced body and mind is generally free of pain unless you have a bone-on-bone or other major medical situation going on that is not about postural misalignment alone.

I am going to talk briefly about muscles in this blog. More about laughter in future posts.

The musculoskeletal system is comprised of 2 major groups. These are the intrinsic or postural muscles and the dynamic or phasic muscles.

Intrinsic/Postural Muscles

These are muscles that are designed to HOLD the skeleton around gravity. They contain mostly slow-twitch fibers and are designed for sustained work.  They have a tendency to become hyperactive and shorten in response to over-use, under-use or some kind of trauma. Think long hours at the computer with forward head posture and the resulting pain the in back, neck or shoulders. They DO NOT change length with external force.

Dynamic/Phasic Muscles

These are muscles that are designed to MOVE the skeleton around gravity. They are composed of mostly fast-twitch fibers. These muscles tend to lengthen and weaken. They are prone to inhibition and fatigue. They DO change length with external force.

With the corrective exercises in the Symmetry Program, we work both of these muscles groups. It is necessary to strengthen and balance the muscles that HOLD and the muscles that MOVE. When working with clients, I spend time educating, as well as correcting the deviations within the body so you can understand why you are in pain.  Symmetry is a proven physics based program to bring all the muscles groups back in balance to do what they are supposed to do. Are you ready to have a happier, healthier life? And don’t forget to add laughter because it works both of these muscle groups in a really good way too. How does it get any better than that?

For a postural realignment program begin by downloading my 4 Easy Movements. Then set up an appointment for a free min-consult to find out more about Symmetry for reducing or getting out of pain. There is no obligation, only information and a time to answer your questions.

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