Forward Head Posture

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Thanks for taking the time to check out my blog. Today I am discussing what can happen with forward head posture. But before you read, on check out this video for any easy way to release the subocciptal muscles that become tight and tender from forward head posture.

Have you taken a look at how you head is positioned over your body?  Well read on and you may want to pay special attention to how you are holding your head so your health does not suffer.

In today’s high tech world with all the mobile devices available to us we are continually looking down more than ever before. How often are you checking emails, Facebook, Twitter or other postings on your devices?

I travel by air a lot and no matter where I go people are continually looking down while walking, sitting and even waiting in line to order food at the airport restaurants. How many times have people bumped into you or you into others because you were looking down at your phone? The scariest of all, of course, is the texting being done in cars by the drivers! Yikes!!!! I am sure you have all noticed this. (Unless you were looking down).

Here are the facts:

*Can add up to 42 pounds of abnormal pressure on the cervical spine.

*This can cause misalignment of the entire spine.

*The first 4 vertebrae produce endorphins which reduce pain.

*Leads to loss of vital capacity.

*Leads to chronic fatigue.

*Lung capacity can deplete by as much as 30%.

*Causes shortness of breath which can leads to cardiovascular disease.

*The gastrointestinal system can be compromised

*The most affected area in the body is the large intestine and bowel optimal function.

*The GUT is 70% of the immune system

Now these are points to ponder. How about trying the 4 Easy Movements to Reduce Pain  and you can begin to correct forward head posture passively. These exercises are not specific to the neck, but they do begin the process of relaxing those neck muscles with gravity as the entire body begins a realignment process.  Click here for a free mini consultation to find out more with no obligation. It may be the best call you have made in a long time for your health.

Doing the four easy movements is only the beginning. As I work with you, I teach many other corrective exercises to bring your head and entire body back to an aligned position. Symmetry has over 350 exercises to choose from to best match your unique situation and current body alignment (or should I say misalignment).

Wishing you a pain free life!



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