Meet the Founder of Symmetry

Patrick Mummy, Founder/CEO

I wanted to talk about the founder and CEO of Symmetry because I feel he deserves so much credit for developing this amazing system call Symmetry. Patrick found Symmetry in 1997, but decided to further research his baseline posture definition in 2004 when he started measuring and analyzing over 300 children ages 5 to 9. What he found from his study was that the 8 year-olds were already showing very large postural deviations. I will discuss this in length in another blog. I wanted this post to be about Patrick.

Patrick’s degree in Athletic Training, with an emphasis in Applied Kinesiology and Biomechanics, combined with his exposure as a Division One athlete for the San Diego State Men’s baseball program, led to his discovery of the deficits of traditional and alternative therapies in curing physical pain. His unparalleled success in achieving excellence academically and athletically during his career culminated in his election as San Diego State’s Scholar Athlete of the Year, as well as Most Valuable Player in 1993. After graduating from San Diego State University in 1994, Patrick was selected to work for the famous Egoscue Method in San Diego, CA, which provided him with the second key to understanding the causation of pain and the importance of compensation as it relates to gravity. In 1997 Patrick founded Symmetry, the Pain Relief Clinic, to help complete his journey in understanding postural therapy. Soon after he discovered the missing link of most rehabilitation therapies; the lack of an objective, measurable way of analyzing, sequencing and implementing therapeutic exercises to effectively and efficiently rid one of chronic pain and to optimize physical performance. This system is now formally known as Symmetry and has been officially granted a U.S. Patent.

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Thank you Patrick!

May everyone be blessed with a pain free life!


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