Welcome to my first post and thank you for taking the time to check out an amazing program, Body Re-Design by Jacque. Are you in pain or someone you love in pain? I would love to wave a magic wand over you or your loved one to make it go away if I could. That is how passionate I am about reaching out to you to give you the tools and information to reduce pain and even eliminate it. I am a living example that it CAN be done.

I was given an amazing gift when my chiropractor talked me into going through a program called Symmetry to help my pain. After a major accident in 2011 which caused severe damage to my low back, I was willing to do ANYTHING to avoid drugs and surgery. Even though the wonderful healing modalities of chiropractic, massage therapy, and acupuncture helped temporarily, the pain would come back between treatments. When I was introduced to Symmetry, I knew this was the missing link. It took consistent practice, but I no longer have low back pain AND no drugs or surgeries were needed. I became such a believer from my own experience that I decided to add this certification as a Symmetry Practitioner to my repertoire so I can guide others through this great process.

Body Re-Design by Jacque  is a combination of Symmetry with Functional Resistance Training.The beauty of this program is that as the body heals, all the other healing treatments available can take you to new levels of optimal health. The healing that occurs affects all aspects of daily living. It is not only the physical body that becomes healthier, more energetic and productive, but also the mind and spirit as well.

How about you? Do you want to avoid shots, pain drugs and surgery? Do you want to give your body a simple natural way to heal? Then maybe exploring what I have to offer is your answer. This was my magic wand and I sincerely hope it is yours.

Wishing you a pain free life,


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